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No Signal – A media diary on Greek public broadcasting in transition

“No Signal” is a true story about a night that marks the history of a nation.

[iframe src=”//″ width=”320″ height=”180″ style=”margin-left:5px;  border-left: 40px solid #0d5eaf ; float: right ;”]11 June 2013, the night that public television went black, is already considered a key event in Greece’s collective memory.  The Greek government’s radical  and unexpected decision to shut down the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT (Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi) triggered a series of events affecting the political status quo and the social vision for the country’s future.

This media diary is an independent observer’s look on history as it happens. In a series of posts we are going to unfold a complex course of events. Starting from today, we are going to explore the history and significance of the former Greek public broadcaster, the events that led to and followed its shutdown and the unfolding public debate raised by this symbolically loaded action. Continue reading