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CDC @ Transmediale 2013

It’s Transmediale time again. ReSource 003: P2P Vorspiel ends today. CTM.13, festival for adventurous music & art, starts tomorrow (28.1.-3.2.). And the day after, transmediale 2013 BWPWAP – Back When Pluto Was a Planet starts (29.1.-3.2.) with the opening ceremony at 19h at HKW, Berlin.

With Tatiana Bazzichelli on the programme team of Transmediale 2013, CDC and Transmediale are deeply intertwined. But there are more of us from CDC involved, including Vera Tollmann and Oliver Lerone Schultz:

Clemens Apprich and Mathias Fuchs:

and Armin Beverungen:

And if you wonder what BWPWAP means, here you go: “The net jargon acronym BWPWAP – Back When Pluto Was a Planet is an expression used whenever one wants to talk about things in our recent past that have changed quickly.” (BWPWAP curatorial statement)